Pop Up Class


Saturday, June 22nd 2019

with Brianna Rhodes

12:30-1:30 PM

Afro-pop class explores a compilation of Afro-House, Afro-Carribean, Afro-Brazilian (Orisha’s), and Afro-Beat. The movement draws from popular genres of black dance. The flow of the class begins with a warm up, which follows with material that moves across the floor introducing some of the fundamental steps within these genres. These steps build upon each other to create an ending combination that get’s you moving, sweating and grooving.

About Brianna: Brianna is an artist, dancer, and activist from Dayton, Ohio. She has recently completed her BFA in Dance from The Ohio State University. Her background is in traditional forms of dance as well as jazz, Hip-Hop, West African, praise dancing, and Afro-Pop. Currently, she is pursing a dance fellowship at a professional dance company in Dayton, as well as teaching dance to students in Dublin, Ohio. Her performance and teaching style is fueled by her discipline which is crafted by her academic dance career. Her dance creation and exploration stems from movement of the African Diaspora. With her foot in the door of her new dance career, she will stride to educate, uplift, and empower those who wish to traverse the world of Black Dance/Art!



Come enjoy a special movie night starring everyone in our most recent performance and collaboration of FLUX FLOW Friends Vol. 2! Let’s relive this incredible performance by watching it projected, right here, in our Studio Flow!

All are welcome! DVD’s and digital copies will be available for purchase!

Digital Copy or DVD: $15 | Both: $20

Synopsis: An evening of dance affectionately dedicated to failure and rejection in which crumpled up poems unfurl and demand to be heard. Working with text and music by Joanna Newsom, this piece presents itself as a suite. Featuring 19 fearless members of the Flux + Flow Dance and Movement Center community alongside the dancers of FluxFlow Dance Project, this heartfelt performance celebrates our efforts to create ideal lives and affirms the value of every iteration and expression of ourselves.

Choreographer: Russell Lepley 

Assistant Choreographer: Filippo Pelacchi 

Performers: Cheryl Boschert, Doug Carraway, Laura De Marco, Mona Fitzer, Mathilde Gilhet, Youji Han, Michelle Herman, Karen Hodermarsky, Kelly Hurlburt, Jane Hutcheson, Bronwyn Mroczkowski, Natalia Nekrasova, Filippo Pelacchi, Sue O’Brien, Bruno Picinane, Tamara Rietenbach, Melanie Schlosser, Judith Schwartzbaum, Nick Spaeth, Lucille Toth, Gail Veraway, Holley Wiseman

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