We offer a variety of dance and YOGA classes for every skill level

New Student First Unlimited Month Pass $49




Our approach to ballet is all inclusive and body positive. We see ballet as a wonderful form of self expression that can give a person the experience of freedom, lightness and joy through movement. The stigma of ballet as a strict, disciplinarian, and elitist dance form is an idea we do not adhere to. We honor the technical rigor of ballet and apply it as a tool to experience the amazing possibilities of our bodies as vessels for self expression.


It’s never too late to learn ballet! This class is a repeating 8 week series to introduce the fundamentals of ballet designed with absolute beginners in mind. It will focus on the alignment principles, port de bras (arm positions) and barre exercises. This class will give people of all backgrounds and body types an opportunity to acquire the tools needed to move on to our Beginner Ballet classes. The series can be purchased as a package for $95 or dropped into at any time for our regular class rates. 


A simple ballet class for people with some or limited experience with ballet. Familiarity with ballet terminology and the basic structure of a ballet class is encouraged. To gain this experience we have an “ABSOLUTE BEGINNER BALLET” class series available.

Beginner / intermediate Ballet

A ballet class bridging between beginner and intermediate levels. Familiarity with ballet terminology and the basic structure of a ballet class is necessary. To gain this experience we have beginner Ballet classes and “Intro to Ballet” classes available.


A class for people with an understanding of ballet and prior experience.



Our approach to contemporary dance is nothing if not multi-faceted. The lineage we most identify with is European contemporary dance, which contains an enormous breadth of ideologies and approaches. We look at contemporary dance from diverse approaches to technique, improvisation, movement research, and dance theater. Fundamental to our philosophy is that all bodies can dance. All that is required is the spirit of exploration.


Friendly to absolute beginners. Introduces technique, body exploration, and composing choreographic material


Fun and Funky class that will allow you to let loose! Sweet it out, let the feeling go!


Company ballet and contemporary classes

Join FluxFlow Dance Project for their Company Classes.
Company classes are donation base (minimum suggestion $5) and open to any int./adv. mover/dancer.
These classes are led by one of the company members and are intended to give a space to dancers to continue their own practice and keep in contact with movement. Moving together is a great way to build a community.



At Flux + Flow we regard yoga as an amazing form of self-care both mentally and physically. We believe in integrating movement practices and have experienced yoga to be a fantastic compliment to dance and vice-versa. 

Slow Flow:

Breath based, flowing yoga classes. The philosophy of our flow classes is to create healthy, well structured sequences that consider each students unique anatomy. 



We’ve learned the value of exploring movement from a variety of sources. Approaching movement from a new perspective informs one’s body in exciting and unexpected ways. We offer a selection of movement forms that we believe compliment one another when practiced simultaneously.


Contact IMPROV Class:

Contact Improvisation is an evolving form of improvised movement between two or more bodies maintaining mutual touch. It is a donation-based community class and open to any experience level including absolute beginners.

Hip Hop:

Hip hop is infused in our modern culture. It is culturally relevant and focuses on musicality and grounded movements.

Dance Karaoke:

A concept developed by Flux + Flow to create movement in an accessible and lighthearted format. We select a Karaoke classic each week and put a simple accessible movement with each word so that we can effectively “sing” the melodies with our bodies.


FIrst Class: $10

First Month: $49

SINGLE: $16 / $12*

 10-PASS: $125 / $95*

MONThLY: $99 / $75*


Discount are eligible with valid proof of status.



  • Our adult schedule consists of “drop-in” classes. We do not require a weekly commitment or pre-registration for classes. You are free to come and go as you please and explore our schedule fully.

  • If you have any questions about what class level would be appropriate for you, feel free to contact us. Central to our philosophy is keeping bodies healthy. For that reason, we recommend trying a less advanced class first to gauge your comfort level and then consulting a teacher about other classes.

  • Wear whatever makes you comfortable and gives you room to move! There is no dress code. You are welcome to come to class in sweat pants and a t-shirt, a leotard and pink tights, and everything in between. Our only advice is that you wear something that has the stretch and fit to accommodate your moving body.

  • Please be on time. We begin our classes by warming up our bodies to avoid injury. Students more than 10 minutes late will not be permitted to take class.

  • To participate in our adult classes you must be 14 or older.

  • F+F and its employees are not liable for any injuries or loss of property sustained while students are in class or on the premises.

  • F+F reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient attendance. Instructors are subject to change.

  • Payments may be made in cash, debit card, MasterCard, Visa or personal check. A form of identification may be requested with certain methods of payment.

  • Food and drink (except water) are not permitted in the studios.

  • F+F reserves the right to remove a student from class due to disruptive behavior.

  • Payment is due prior to the beginning of each class.

  • No refunds are offered for classes taken or pre registered master classes/workshops.

  • No refunds are offered for Gift Cards passed 30 days after purchase.

  • 10 Class Pass expire 3 months from date of purchase. No refunds, credits or extensions will be given.

  • Class cards cannot be shared or transferred.