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ME TIME MONDAY 3. | Alexander Technique w/ Beaker Prince

  • Flux+Flow 200 Crestview Road Columbus, OH, 43202 United States (map)

Start your week right. This series of self-care workshops encourages us to remember the importance of stress management and self-love.
Because if you can’t love yourself, how are you gonna love somebody else?

This month:
SOS: Saving Our Spines! 
An Introduction to the Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique may be best known by professional actors, musicians, and dancers who study the work to prevent injury and optimize performance. This approach to poise and freedom and ease of movement can also help with everyday use of the body, and how we relate to our surroundings. It is about how we do what we do- whatever that may be.
This approach differs from typical approaches to posture and alignment as it works with our thinking. It helps us to recognize and release ineffective postural habits, and to return to our natural support. Alexander technique does not impose an ideal shape or ask students to “hold” a position of good posture, recognizing such attempts often to be another expression of tension habit, and rarely sustainable.
Recent research suggests a role for Alexander Technique in addressing back pain and neck pain. While not intended as a therapeutic modality, this approach to movement re-education can help release the unnecessary tension we place on our spine and joints, leading to a decrease in the compression and wear and tear that can lead to injury and pain. In this introductory class, we will start with a focus on awareness of the whole self, then explore the relationship of the head and spine within the whole.